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Our Process
If you search for carpet cleaning online, you will quickly find there are a number of ways promoted to clean carpets. Of all the methods out there, Absolute Carpet Cleaning uses a method called Hot Water Extraction. We find this process to provide a deep, thorough cleaning and is also the recommended method by most carpet manufacturers (The Carpet & Rug Institute).

So what is Hot Water Extraction? We will answer that using the most simple way we can. Like the clothes you wear, carpet needs to be cleaned. But unlike your clothes, you cannot put your carpet into a washing machine. The Hot Water Extraction process brings the washing machine to your carpet.

So how does it work? When you wash your clothes, you typically add a detergent of some kind that helps to release soil that has accumulated on the material, add fabric softener to make the clothes soft, add water and let the agitator in the washing machine do its work. When the washing machine has finished its job, you dry your clothes. Simple enough and you know the process of how to wash your clothes.

Hot Water Extraction works in a very similar process concept wise. We apply to your carpet a cleaning agent. We will then use a machine that will lightly agitate and churn the carpet. After agitating the carpet, we let the carpet sit for a short period. We then rinse the carpet removing the chemical that was applied before the agitation thus removing not only the chemical but the soil that was in the carpet.

After rinsing, we apply another chemical that softens the carpet. Finally, we will dry the carpet removing all traces of liquid and then the process is complete. The carpet is now deeply and thoroughly clean.

What happens when we come to clean?
This is a great question. We will first introduce ourselves and have you show us to the area that you want us to clean. We will ask you if there are any trouble spots (i.g. stains, spots, high traffic areas and the like) that we should be aware of. We will then pre-clean the area by vacuuming. After a thorough vacuum, we will then start the process of using Hot Water Extraction.

What to do?

  • Before Our Visit
  • Move furniture and belongings out of the area to be cleaned, if you desire the carpet under the furniture to be cleaned.
  • Make sure indoor pets are placed in a room where the impact of a stranger or noise will minimize their stress.
  • During Our Visit
  • Tell us about the area we are going to be cleaning such as where the high traffic areas are and point out spots and stains.
  • Ask any question that you find relevant. We want to make sure your questions are answered.
  • After Our Visit
  • Wait at least 8 to 12 hours before moving furniture onto the carpet. This will provide adequate time for the carpet to fully dry. Our equipment will remove all visible traces of moisture, however the carpet will still be damp for a short period of time.

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