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Cleaning air ducts in your home can be easily overlooked as it is many times out-of-sight and out-of-mind. However, cleaning air ducts can be very beneficial for your home.

Over time, dust, pollen, dirt and other types of soil and material can collect inside the ducts of your heating and air conditioning. Unknowingly, these soils can be circulated throughout your home as you use the heater or air conditioner.

At Absolute Carpet Cleaning, we clean your air ducts using a pressurized, forced air system that effectively cleans your ducts without doing any harmful damage. To clean your air ducts, our certified technician will fully enclose an air register with a vacuum while dislodging soil using a high pressure air hose. The enclosure over the register creates an air tight seal. This seal ensures that all the soil and debris that is removed from your duct work is collected in our system and not floating around your house as dust. And when the technician is finished, your air ducts will be clean and free from loose soil and debris.

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